Launch on Indie Hackers

2018-06-26 13:08:17 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I unnoficially launched yesterday on Indie Hackers. It's been a long road with a seemingly endless onslaught of showstoppers, but the site is up and running and it's built with a strong architecture, and running on a stable infrastructure with the possibility to scale if necessary.

Linkblog on Indie Hackers

There was modest amount of hits from around the globe and I even got a comment, which was at least partially positive. After a few hours I realised that I had no way to differentiate between server-side side and client-side analytics. Oh noes!

Linkblog seen from around the world

So today I setup some new views and filters using custom dimensions to show each type of data. Things are looking much better now. :)

If you're intersted in signing up, there is a promo code on the indie hackers post, your entire first year for the price of a few cups of coffee.

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