Ruby jargon to Nodejs jargon translation

2018-07-05 15:11:41 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I've been making quite a lot of modifications to the blog recently. The blog is generated by Jekyll a tool written in the ruby programming language. I have been seeing a lot of warning messages about ruby versions during builds, so it's time to try to figure out what's going on.

Everytime I've ventured into this area it's been full of confusing articles and definitions that don't seem to quite match up. I found an article comparing the rvm and rbenv ruby version managers, which along with my browsing various ruby sites and blogs and quite a lot of head scratching resulted in the followng translation which might be of use to other nodejs developers:

Something to be aware of is that rvm apparently also overides the system cd command to automatically set ruby on directory change which might not be desirable.

I don't claim that the list of correct, it's just what I've come up with so far. Email me with any corrections.

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