My policy on job interviews

2020-11-20 12:54:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

UPDATE (2020-12-20) - This blog post has been turned into a separate page, check out the job interviews policy page for the latest policy.

I wanted to describe my policy on job interviews so that I have something to refer to in the future.

Over the years I’ve interacted with many prospects discovered online and done quite a few of these and I have had a number of bad experiences, which ultimately end up wasting my time and money.

I’m just one person and I cannot support people for all the myriad of exotic reasons they want to spend their time doing interviews. It’s exhausting and never ending.

For new accounts I have 1 short call to meet and get a high level overview of the project.

My policy then is quite simple. My hands don’t touch the keyboard until I am getting paid. Also if you want consulting services, it’s possible, but again you need to pay me for that.

For clients that want extended discussions, I suggest the consultancy service package which is delivered via video chat. We can verbally discuss code in any way you would like.

You can send me short code samples to read in advance if you’d like so we have something concrete to discuss.

What I suggest to clients that want to work with me live is to start with a 1-3 day development service package where you can have the time to work directly with me in a live setting.

I am open to long term arrangements and would be happy to transition to a more permanent role, but I could also continue on as a freelancer, whichever suits your needs best.

Check out the service package descriptions and price list for more details.

For enquiries about my consulting, development, training and writing services, aswell as sponsorship opportunities contact me directly via email. More details about me here.