I've started a Newsletter!

2020-11-21 10:59:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

Earlier in the week I met-up with James Clark from Nomadic Notes for coffee. He’s a long time travel blogger and digital nomad known for his excellent city travel guides. Really interesting guy with lots of insight into the travel blogging scene. It was great to meet him.

Yesterday his newsletter hit my inbox and I noticed that it’s powered by Substack. They’ve recently become very popular for their easy to use newsletter web application. I had coincidentally sent them a job application last week, turns out they use NodeJS. Anyhow I’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter for a while now, and this felt like a good time to do it!

So after deliberating a bit about which day to send it out, I settled on Saturday midday. Post-lunch BBQ time in Australia, tastey lunch time soup time in Asia, croissant and sausage sandwich time in Europe, in the Americas the midnight feast folks are going to love it, and for the others they’ll have something waiting for them to go with their breakfast burritos, cheerios and pancakes when they wake up.

It’s also a good way for me to delineate the start of my weekend. Something I’ve been missing for a while.

The newsletter is a roundup of the best links I’ve posted to my linkblog over the week. The general flavour is javascript / tech / web development but I also mix in other bits and pieces to get a good balance.

Subscribe for free in just a few clicks, the first issue is going out later today.

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