Announcing my new Custom Training Service

2020-11-27 11:44:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I’m adding a new package to my professional services called the Custom Training Service.

Here’s the description from the services description page:

The custom training service covers the creation and delivery of custom training on web development and automation/workflow design and implementation. These can be made to according to customer needs and delivered either onsite or remotely via video conferencing tools. Other training topics might be possible.

I have previous experience developing custom training programs for

My specialities are NodeJS web development and automation/workflows, but I could also create custom training programs on other topics.

In my previous work in this area, some of the projects involved onsite visits and consulting where I analysed the existing systems and processes prior to constructing the training program. I then worked worked with designers to create training material that was specifically tailored in look and content to the client needs.

If you have a need for some custom training, then don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

For enquiries about my consulting, development, training and writing services, aswell as sponsorship opportunities contact me directly via email. More details about me here.