Hi it’s me. I’m still alive.

2022-01-01 13:20:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I just wanted to say hi and wish a happy new year to all.

The world is pretty complicated for me at the minute, I ended up in some sort of metaphorical/metaphysical (but in a lot of ways, very real) alive/dead loop in my life, so I just stopped posting because I sensed that it was going to continue for a while, and the thought of what that would look like from the outside had me thinking "No thank you very much".

I’ve done some development on my linkblog ssg, and I’ve just written up some notes.

Hopefully it will turn into a blog post, though I think I’m just going to post the unedited bullet points rather than turn it into a beautiful written article. That’s all the world is allowing for me at the minute, but I want to put something out there, because life goes on even if it’s difficult sometimes.

So once again, happy new year, best wishes for 2022.

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