Your life is a sort of personal internet

2023-02-04 21:30:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

Earlier today I was thinking about some event that happened to me quite a while ago, and I was remembering various people that were around during that period, as you do. The thought unfolded in my head something along the lines of, such and such was there, and also this other person, oh yeah, they came online about then via this other person. And I monentarily paused and smiled because I had clearly just used the internet as an analogue for my life.

This will perhaps make less sense to folks that have always known the internet. Most of those from my generation can remember the moment the internet appeared in their lives. It's fascinating to me that the internet has become so real to me that I now completely naturally use internet language to think about people arriving into my life.

Life is a bit like a personal internet, we all have one, and though they overlap, they are distinct. People come online into your life, and sometimes they also leave. Since our personal internets overlap at times, we share a lot of things, but our overall experiences of life, our personal internet, are very different. Something that makes sense in one person's life, might make absolutely no sense whatsoever in another person's life.

A lot of times though stuff does make sense across personal internets. Finding those common areas and learning about other less familiar things is what makes meeting people fun, though it does sometimes get a little bit weird.

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