Gang stalker premeditated goading escalating to violence

2023-02-20 08:07:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

Early this morning I was involved in a gang stalking situation that was purposely escalated to violence. Following some typical drive-by goading, something I have previously written about in my newsletter.

I retaliated with a small amount of water from a water bottle onto the T-shirt of one of the purpotraiters to signal "back off buddy”. After which the attacker punched me in the face several times, and many more times on the shoulder and side, he was apparently trained in martial arts, adopting a sort of karate/kung-fu stance.

He was wearing a motorbike helmet and was apparently a motorbike taxi driver. I pushed him back forcefully and perhaps hit him on the shoulder, I can’t quite remember, it happened very quickly.

Some people from the street, apparent bystanders, ran towards us but instead of separating us they only pushed me back. The attacker then basically had a team of collaborators that pushed me back any time I tried to fight back while the attacker could land more punches on me at will.

I did the only thing left to free myself from the situation, pushed his motorbike over, after which he came at me with a running jump onto my back from afar. I was able to wrestle him to the ground into a sort of fight 69 position, where I was able to kick him in the jaw and head, which I did only quite lightly all things considered, because I probably could have caused him some serious damage had I wanted to. My aim was just to get him to leave.

Following a bit more of pushing around from his gang members, that had previously just been standing around as if they were randomly there unrelatedly, they all left. None of them stayed to make sure I was okay. It's very clear to me that they were all operating as some sort of gang.

I've ended up with quite a bit of bruising to much of one side of my body, a lot of scrapes and grazed on one knee, and a bloody nose. The nose might be broken, I'm not enturely sure about that, it hurts quite a bit to the touch.

So far today I’ve been approached several times by other motorbike taxis that seem to be aware of the incident, finding it very amusing. Twice while writting this post.

This is a clear escalation of the gang stalker harassment that I’ve been experiencing daily for many months now, and I just wanted to document it publicly here so I could remember exactly what happened, and so others could know what these types of organised violence incidents look like.

Incidentally the security guards from nearby shops and cafes did absolutely nothing to intervene, it was more like entertainment for them. A bit later after the incident, I overdressed two of them having an unnaturally loud conversation where the words “wow” was used in apparent amazement. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to discover that they (or at least some of them) were in on the whole situation.

Note a similar situation happened to me about a year ago in a park with an apparent gardener who sprayed water on me on purpose using a water sprinkler then proceeded to violently hit me with it when I kicked it to the ground to protect my electronics equipment. I wrote about it in the newsletter at the time.

At that time an older gardner stepped in to separate us, but was also ultimately much more concerned about pushing me back than the attacker, which I hadn’t thought about until today. That situation felt pre-meditated too, with several goading incidents moments before the attack.

Update: FYI - I'm in HCMC Vietnam, I have been here for approxinateky 3 years now.

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