Review: Robolledo RA#876

2023-03-21 20:11:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

Resident Advisor Mix: RA.876 Robolledo

"Mauricio Rebolledo is one of those veteran artists who has stood the test of time. He can play Burning Man, go back-to-back with DJ Tennis and mentor young producers with unwavering finesse, staying true to his signature sound of sparse, psychedelic chuggers. Where many of his peers have embraced a more commercial sound, the Mexican artist likes to keep it weird, opting for touches of Krautrock and hazy atmospherics in both his sets and on his albums."

I read this in the mix description and I instantly feel at home, this is the sort of realm I feel comfortable in.

I start to listen, I stare off into the distance, I am removed from the general flow of things, and I am transported to a place where I am watching myself being defragged, all the chaos of the past few weeks is being neatly, efficiently, effortlessly re-arranged, it feels good, it feels clear, high fidelity, it feels stereo.

Groups of red green and blue blocks of varying sizes move between shelves in an infinite library of 12 inch records, and music videos, and memories of clubs and gigs I’ve been to, from small 30 person rooms to stadiums and festivals, the euphoria of all these things permeates my self.

The ropes that tie me down are anialated and I levitate above all struggles, the impossible becomes possible, I see, I sense, I feel paths through the chaos.

But wait hold on, about 1/2 way through, the world stops allowing you, things become strained and difficult.

You are tied once again to the Earth, you fall, you struggle, and eventually you accept you are no longer hovering, no longer floating, your head drops, you exhale.

And then a chorus of angels swoops in like a wind from on high, the beat picks you up, and you’re off again, the bondage of earthly things is once again dissolved and you are free.

You continue, things are passing, and you realise quite unexpectedly you have reached orbit, a wonderfully retro electronic landscape stretches as far as you can see.

The trip continues for some time until it gently fades and you glide in and softly land.

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