My favourite javascript proposals (2023)

2023-04-08 07:29:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

The 95th meeting of the TC39 just finished, meeting notes have been published, and blog posts are being written. Figured I might as well pick out my favorites, based on what I can see being most useful.

I'm writting this without an internet connection however I have the article listing the proposals linked above saved. Based on descriptions alone these to me look like the most interesting / least boring:

Right those are my initial picks. Time to find an internet connection.

Incidently, wouldn't it be incredible if Safari could save a page but also automatucally save all the main article's linked pages? IMO, that would be the best feature literally ever.

After checking online, it's mostly as I thought, and the asyc context proposal does imo look like it could be useful for a few advanced use cases that I can think of.

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