What makes culture so fascinating?

2023-05-28 08:30:00 +0700 by Mark Smith

I’ve always been fascinated by culture. I’m not sure what I find so appealing about the whole idea. Personally I've always been more attracted to fringe and subcultures, things that are a bit odd, outside of the mainstream. I wonder what it is exactly that I find so fascinating.

There is something magical and mysterious about culture, but also re-assuringly imprecise, like drifting clouds or bubbles in an enormous lava lamp. You can interact with it. It’s a highway for your imagination, but it’s massively multiplayer.

You don’t even need an internet connection, it’s an infinite World Wide Web with no boundaries, hosted entirely in our brains, distributed peer-to-peer, no wires or transmitters required.

It’s like invisible super high level software, it doesn’t exist, but it does.

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