Last Man Standing Tech

2023-09-13 11:21:00 +0700 by Mark Smith

Eventually there will be AI that will be so powerful they will be able to decide who will be the winner in a death match between 2 humans. They will be able to do it with accuracy and precision comparable to chess players playing chess.

Except they will be able to basically see infiniti number of moves into the future, in infinite dimensions. And people simply won’t interact with those that the AI tells them that they can’t beat. It could very well be something that we don't consciously choose.

Last man standing tech will be a very big sector indeed.

I make no judgement here as to whether I believe this to be a good or bad thing, only that it's a possible scenario we need to consider.

This post was originally published as a note, but I decided to put it out as a blog post. Notes tend to be off the cuff, less well thought out.

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