Causing the problems they complain about

2024-01-12 16:30:00 +0700 by Mark Smith

I’m having to write this post without internet connection because the world has decided that everything is my fault again. Let me explain.

Yesterday a confusion happened at a food place I went to. Seemingly, I got blamed for, at best the disorganisation of the staff. Though it looked very much like an entirely manufactured situation. They apparently couldn’t coordinate between preparation staff and payment staff and somehow it all became my fault even though I was very polite and calm, saying thank you, giving them plenty of money. Almost exactly the same situation happened previously at the same place a month or so ago. I wrote about it then too. That time they tried to short change me. It was the same staff.

This morning another confusion at another food place. I asked the women there not to cut the pork into strips, others there had it that way so it shouldn’t be an issue. Another staff member, a man, at the same exact moment walked past and said ‘good’. When she gave me the food, she shouted ‘Lie!’ very loudly in a very aggressive voice. I had literally no idea what she was on about, which I calmly said to her. I walked off confused by there entire situation. It’s good, yet it’s also all my fault. Clear as mud.

Anyway later today, I had to buy some new cheap headphones. At the small kiosk shop I went to, the woman there, who was covered in tatoos, tried to take my device off me when I asked if I could test the headphones. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I clumsily put the device in my pocket. A short while later after I had tested them, because she eventually handed them over so I could while purposely coughing all over them which unfortuntely is standard malicious behaviour here, I figured I’d haggle a bit. I opened my device, brought up the Notes app to type the amount I was suggesting. At some point I must have fat fingered the screen because the word ‘No’ was on the empty screen. I deleted it and typed the amount I wanted to pay, asked if she would sell the headphones for that amount. She said yes, I said thanks. And then as I prepared to pay she said I was lying and told me to ‘learn’. She still sold me the headphones.

Now several hours later my internet connection stopped working, and a woman on a motorbike just drove past and said ‘No’. To me. Everything in the universe is my fault again! Never mind that I probably wouldn’t have fat fingered the screen had the other lady not been so insistent on taking my device off me.

And of course as is customary here, everything will escalate until total destruction of the multiverse. At which point everyone will go into an unhappy funk and guess what, I’ll get blamed for that too, and eventually I will get mutilated.

Literally every single interaction is like this. It’s the same at other food places, at the bakery, at the internet places, the shops, the cafes. Every darn place I go to. Whatever happens in one place is followed up with punishments in the next places. And honestly imho 9/10 they cause the issues in the first place.

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