Low level git

2024-03-17 09:54:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

Software is strange. You build it using your current knowledge, but things change and you realise that your software would have been better, or easier to understand had it been built another way. So people retrofit new interfaces to the old software, to modernise it. And it sort of works for many of the use cases.

But if you try to do something complicated, or you run into trouble, accidentally going down a path you didn't mean to, the new interface often gets in the way. Git, amazing as it is, sufers from this problem.

I've been reading Git from the bottom up recentally. It's been very enlightening. Git is so much simpler underneath than I thought. I'm finding it difficult though to hold both interfaces in my head.

I keep wondering whether it would have been better to learn git using the low level primitives right from the start.

Computer software doesn't always intersect well with human cultures.

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