The bitcoin and crypto rollercoaster

2024-03-25 10:36:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I've found my learnings in the Bitcoin and crypto space a bit of a rollercoaster recently. I ended up writing a somewhat frustrated blog post and followup note, so I've been trying to piece together my recent somewhat turbulent learnings. Life is complicated and confusing sometimes, so many things happening at once. Writing about it helps figure it out, even if it's a bit inelegant at times.

Anyhow I thought it would be easier to vaguely re-create my journey with a list of podcasts. You too can experience the rollercoaster :)

This one will make you comfortable that Bitcoin can send/receive/store:

These two will freak you out about the wider world of crypto, and make you confused about the current state of Bitcoin development:

This one will calm you down and be at ease and comfortable that Bitcoin actually has a robust layered architecture and sensible bigger picture:

This one will make you curious about layer 1 and layer 2 infrastructure architectures:

This one will make you much more comfortable about layer 2s in a Bitcoin context, and excited about the possibilities of programmable money which will likely compliment and enhance send/receive/store.

Update: I just listened to the David Seroy Bankless episode which is a perfect compliment to his WBD episode. The future of Bitcoin with bitvm and zk rollups sounds very cool indeed.

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