Masks are sort of dumb

2024-04-05 22:25:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I'm finding that very humid environments make my lungs worse.

I end up coughing quite a lot and eventually that results in coughing up flem. I'm also finding that when I wear a mask and ensure that it's a tight fit, so the air I'm breathing is definitely being filtered by the mask, that the air in the mask itself gets very humid because obviously, the air I breath out contains water vapour created in my body. I know it's humid because when I wear my glasses while the mask is on, they immediately fog up.

The point is that when I wear the mask for a long time, I eventually start to cough because of the humidity, and eventually it results in coughing up flem.

It's a tough choice. Filtered air with coughing and flem, or non-filtered air with coughing and flem. If I wear a looser fit mask, the air doesn't get filtered, so what's the point?

Like I was saying before, masks are sort of dumb.

title: 'Masks are sort of dumb' date: '2024-04-05 22:06:00 +07:00'

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