Motorbike gang stalker drivebys

2024-04-06 20:07:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

There's been a sudden uptick in motorbike gang stalker drivebys this evening. It's like a memo had been sent out and the attack bees are swarming in on me. But it's not just folks on motorbikes, it's pedestrians too. People auspiciously doing their own thing, having a conversation, or being on the phone, then suddenly a whole bunch of vileness clearly directed at me, meant to goad me into reacting.

If you say nothing they assume whatever it is they are accusing you of is true, you're a liar, you're gay, you're an actor, whatever, then they bully you more. If you reply telling them to f-off, they also bully you more, escallating to try to make you angry.

Either way you end up being mutilated in some way, whether it's illness, body injuries, loss of some personal property, starvation, thirsting, there are so many ways they can get you. And you can't do nothing, it's happening in broad daylight. Whatever you do it's turned against you.

And life goes on, you die a little more, they steal a bit more of your life, and you are the one that's in the wrong. And another day starts and you try to stay positive abd ignore the constant bullying.

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