Investigating long Netlify deploy times

2024-04-22 05:58:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I've been looking into why the Netlify deploy times have increased by several minutes. It's a real mystery because I'm only adding at most a few new markdown files to the build each day, yet somehow the netlify CLI is reporting that ~3200 files are different and need re-uploading. That clearly takes a long time.

The only thing I can think that might cause it is creating the post archives. Perhaps I'm creating some of the pages from a javascript Object and the order of items is changing each time. That's a possibility. There's nothing on actual pages that should be changing each time.

Anyway it's a bit tricky to test because I have to do 2 builds one after the other then compare them. Comparing using diff is easy, but comparing visually will be difficult because the staging environment only has one deploy target, but I'll need to deploy 2 builds.

Hopefully I'll figure it out.

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