Everything page version 1

2024-05-10 19:20:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I deployed the first version of the everything page earlier today. I've been working on it in one way or another for several months now. It ended up requiring quite a lot of changes to the core of the codebase. The changes fixed some big structural issues that became obvious and had resulted pages rendering incorrectly, which itself had the knock on effect of tripling the build and deploy times.

The plan is to eventually replace the latest page as the main landing page of the website. The lattst page has been quite a good way to keep up with new content, however it feels a bit disconnected and disjointed from reality because the flow of posts in each section happens at different rates.

The everything page is a classic blog format, with reverse chronological ordering of days. Each day contains a chronological ordering of posts. The key thing is that all post types are interleaved, so blog posts, notes, links, newsletter posts and podcasts appear as they happen. The vibe will be much closer to reality, you'll get a much better sense of what's being published on the site as it happens. There will be a real and compelling reason to visit.

There are still a few bugs:

There might be others, but these are the most obvious. Once these are fixed I'll be able to make the everything page the main homepage / landing page.

Feels good to be shiping :)

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