Energy drinks

2024-05-18 11:57:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

The human body sure is a phenominal bit of hardware. Arguably it would be more accurate to call it wetware. But it's very sensitive to it's environment. At times that's a big advantage, other times not so much. This past week I had to go through about 5 days without food. That wasn't much fun. As well as the discomfort it's psychologically tough. What I also noticed is that there's a recovery period. I'm in my mid-forties so that might have something to do with it.

Today after eating breakfast I was struck down with what can only be described as extreme tiredness. My entire body felt like it was operating under new gravity conditions. Unbelievable heaviness. I wasn't able to hardly even move around. These days I'm very careful with what I put in my body. I don't drink alcohol, that's been about 5 years now. I hardly ever drink coffee and I basically never do energy drinks. Mostly just water and the occasional soft drink.

The tiredness was so extreme earlier though that I decided to have a small energy drink. About the same size as those drinks you get on airplanes. Tasted quite disgusting. The effect though is remarkable. The tiredness is all but completely gone. I don't feel agitated or wired like with coffee. Just awake. It's as if the last 5 tough days didn't happen. I had some food shortly afterwards.

I guess I'm somewhat suprised. Back when I was at university I did drink energy drinks quite a bit during exam periods, but I remember feeling much more wired afterwards. I suppode I might still crash and burn later today if the effects wear off abruptly. Just wanted to make a note of all this, as a sort of precaution. I don't want to make energy drinks a regular thing, but under certain circumstances they perhaps have a place. We shall see.

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