Bitcoin is great for learning about money

2024-05-20 10:45:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

One of the most over-looked positive things about Bitcoin, and perhaps crypto in general, is how they promote learning about money in general. There’s nothing quite like getting actual physical hands on experience with something, and that's something that's totally possible with crypto currencies. Anyone can participate as an investor, as a person executing transactions, but also as a developer.

There are so many ways to get stuck in. Being able to easily set yourself up to receive and send is huge. From simple transactions to creating your own blockchain, you can relatively easily get hands on experience. This is in stark contrast to the existing financial and monetary system, which is opaque and difficult to learn about, since you really can only learn from books or by getting a job with an organisation in the industry.

Once you start exchanging then you inevitably get interested in all other aspects of money, in both existing traditional finance, but also of course in bitcoin and crypto industries. I think it's likely that in the future many traditional education institutions will start to run crypto courses as part of traditional finance degrees. It's an exiting time to be interested in finance, with so many places to learn, what has been until recently quite an unnaproacheable subject.

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