I’ve got AI fatigue

2024-05-21 16:30:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I'm pretty sure I've got AI fatigue. I read a lot of tech news day to day, and like everyone else I've been awed by much of the recent AI boom. However I've noticed this past week or so that I'm finding the shear amount of AI related content not only totally overwhelming, but also, to be honest, kind of dull and boring. I'm now automatically skiping most articles titles that mention AI or LLM.

Earlier today I was scrolling through Techmeme for the latest tech zeitgeist and literally every single link was, in some way, related to AI. I got to the bottom of the page and nothing had caught my eye as interesting to explore. This is happening much more often than I remember. It's kind of making me a bit jadded and annoyed with the whole tech scene.

I don't know what the answer is, perhaps people writing articles will eventually come to their senses and start using their pre-AI filters again. I hope that the current AI saturated atmosphere doesn't persist. Sure let's talk about and discuss AI stuff when it's interesting and cool, but imho the everything AI all the time is so tedious.

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