Who pays for the high frequency blockchains?

2024-05-23 10:08:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

There's a lot of interesting talk recently about blockchains optimised for high frequency. The ability to handle high volumes of transactions. Solana for instance has the ability to process thousands of times more transactions per second than Bitcoin or Etherium. It's clear that there are many use cases, especially with the AI boom, where this could be useful, but I don't get how any of these coins will ever be worth anything.

If they ever do get popular, that makes them less good at their main purpose, because the price of the blockspace is literally increasing. It feels like these type of coins can't be funded via token trading. They are much more like AWS compute than a store of value. So I look at all these memecoins that are super interesting from a technical point of view, but as tradable commodities are not that interesting because there are no apps using them yet.

Who pays for the high frequency blockchains?

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