Friendly bowl of soup

2024-05-26 07:29:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I had a couple of good fortune incidents this morning.

First a lady on a motorbike stopped to help just as I finished getting ready for the day. Such a relief, I hadn't eaten for days, and drunk much water either.

Then as I walked to the internet place, I decided to stop at the soup stand around the corner. I pass it everyday, but hadn't stopped there before because I spend so much time outside, any problems with food cause me real trouble. So I'm overly wary. Many of the soup places also have lung in the soup, sheep's I suppose. I've had it before but since my 3 month lung infection earlier in the year, I really don't want to eat that.

Anyway, I stopped to ask about the soup, had enough money, and there was no sheep lung, just noodles, a bit of veg and beef slices. And, it was absolutely delicious. One of the best soups I've had in recent memory. Hot slighlty salty, beefy flavoured light noudle soup. Wonderful.

I picked up my bags, and went to pay, the man and woman running the soup stand asked me how the soup was, I smiled and said 'really nice'. Then as I tried to pay, they smiled, motioning that it was on the house. I guess they must recognise me from walking past every morning. For a short moment I felt appreciated. All via the medium of body language.

I write a lot about the bad things that happen to me here, so I just wanted to note that sometimes nice things happen too, and after the last few days, my mind and soul really needed that friendly bowl of soup. :)

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