Utopias in the age of AI & crypto

2024-06-03 14:34:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I'm not so suprised many of the experiments mentioned in Rohit Krishnan Wither Utopia thought piece failed. They are all tiny projects compared to a full blown utopian society. It’s not to say that they weren’t useful in some way. Perhaps they were useful learning experiences.

The internet and world wide web have been a success, and these really are society scale inventions. I don’t know the history completely but I do know there were all sorts of failed projects and protocols. There were many failed starts. One of the core ideas of the web is that it’s simple. Anyone could write a bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript and get a site up and running pretty easily. Heck you could do it with just HTML.

In the early days of the web there were all sorts of complicated visions about two way linking and being semantic and what not. But in the end what worked was something simple that anyone could do. I think we should continue striving for Utopian goals but it’s more like growing a garden than designing a perfect building. I wonder what patterns promote utopian outcomes. That might be something AI could help us with.

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