The Lib Dems pro-EU pro-cannabis ticket

2024-06-12 10:36:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

The UK Lib Dems have announced their policies going into the elections. It's a pro-EU pro-cannabis platform, which given the history might be quite a good combination. In all seriousness though, I think having cannabis decriminalised would eventually lead to much lower overall crime. It would just be a normal thing, no reason to get involved with crime. The bigger issue I think is to simultaneously try to tackle the binge culture that is quite common in the UK.

I think most adults would like to have the option to try cannabis every now and then. That's the responsible way to enjoy such a priveledge. The problem is that people often drift into a daily habitual relashionship with such substances. It's the same with alcohol. Both these substances can be fun, and even therapeutic, but when it's too habitual they make you forget how great life is sober. That's something I've really become familiar with the past few years. Being sober is awesome. Waking up early with a clear head is awesome. Feeling healthy is awesome. But it's a subtle feeling in comparison to alcohol or cannabis, so people miss how good it is.

It should be 95% sober, and just occasional stroll into mind altering substances territory. That's how I'd like society to be, where people were responsible enough to balance themselves. The focus wouldn't even be on these substances, they would just be peripheral, the focus would be on living life and contributing to society in a meaningfully way, where you could feel that your talent and efforts really made a difference.

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