Leo Laporte on AI

2024-06-13 14:27:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

In a recent This Week in Tech episode Leo Laporte really nails some of the major issues with the AI gold rush. (0:15:22)

We have problems on both sides. One is garbage content generated by these AIs, because they can’t distinguish between a joke and a genuine suggestion. The other is they are disintermediating the original source of all this content so that users don’t have to click through, they can just read the generated page. And by the way these AI companies are burning money because the creation of these LLMs is so hideously expensive, they can’t possibly generate enough revenue to pay for it. So the whole thing is a house of cards.

He then goes on

It feels like we’ve replaced a system that could never work, the internet, with an even more chaotic system that requires an interlocking payment system, with money out but no money in. It feels like it’s not making it better, it could make it worse.

And finally

It does feel like it’s almost a Ponzi scheme, where they're just going to keep shifting the responsibility for payment, and nothing ever really gets fixed. It’s like Uber. Eventually it feels like it’s going to collapse in on itself.

The full discussion is really insightfull. There are a lot of issues people are ignoring. Real fundamental things like how the making of the content actually gets paid for.

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