Assault aftermath 1

2024-06-20 14:00:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I wrote earlier about the assault that happened to me yesterday evening. So far this morning people at the cafes next to the internet place were noticeably quiet compared to normal.

On the way to the cafe / shop I'm sitting in, I passed by a nearby shop that has much safer hit water than here. I bought an instant nooddles and filled up my flasks with safe hot water. In the place I'm sitting in now, they use the mop buckets to fill up the hot water device. I previously wrote about that.

Anyway as I was filling up my flasks one of the staff walked up to me and offered me a large plastic bag. I said thanks, even though it was a bit odd. He was being really overly polite, so much so it felt like it was some sort of trap. I actually needed a large bag because the one I use to wrap my flask was very old, full of holes. I said thanks, took the bag.

After I paid for the noodles, the other shop staff bloke offered me a free boiled egg. "A gift for you", he said and put it in the bag with the noodles. i said thanks abd walked off towards the cafe / shop I that had the seating area upstairs.

Seems like a normal interaction, except that I've literally been going to these Circle K shops on a daily basis for 5 years at this stage, and not a single time have they given me any sort of freebie like this. Also the staff in this shop have recently been a bit rude the last few times I've been there. Also thr two blokes staffing it this morning I've never seen there before.

What are the chances that this extreme politeness and freebie would happen just a few hours after being physically assaulted?

I had the boiled egg with the noodles, tasted pretty good.

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