Assault aftermath 2

2024-06-20 14:28:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I wrote earlier about the assault that happened to me yesterday evening. This post describes an incident that happened earlier in a cafe / shop I was in over lunch. Similar to the assault post, I'm going to do very minimal editing. I just want to get on with life. What follows are just some notes I took.

While being starved and thirsted, sitting in cafe / shop, 3 staff from another cafe turn up with 4 large takeaway food boxes. They sit at the high stool bar at the window directly on front of me. All start eating gratuitously on front of me, the 4th food box is placed all the way to the right. For some reason they keep looking back at me.

The 3rd person at the end of the table stands up, walks past me and says ‘lie’ as she walks away, she acts like she’s saying it to the 2 remaining people, but visibly angles herself so I can hear her. She was really saying it to me.

She returns a few minutes later with a 4th person. It’s clear to me that they know. This group of four never eat here. I’m here everyday, and pretty much none of the regulars are here. Many are younger than this lot. About the same age as last night's attackers. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Word travels fast in this place. Often, literally unbelievably fast.

As they all get stuck into their meals, another group that just showed up, start laughing maniacally. This is a very typical dynamic, though it manifests in many ways. Westerners will never?really be welcome.

A short while later the eaters finish and leave, they are immediately followed by the maniacle laughers who until now were different groups. One of the maniacles says loudly ‘No I’ / ‘No eye’ as they all walk down the stairs.

A little while later all remaining people in the cafe / shop got up and left at the same time. The penultimate person kicked my chair as she walked past. The only remaining item in the room is a plastic glass of ice water left directly on front of me on the windiw bar table. All the empty food boxes, and all the garbage for all other roughly 10 people that weee in the room, were cleaned up by those people, all apart from the ice water plastic cup. What a strangely coincidental way for that to play out. Here's why:

Since I started eating instant noodles again a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to afford drinking water, so am hydrating almost exclusively with the hot water that comes with the instant noodles. Strangely the money that makes it to me, has decreased by an amount exactly equal to the cost of drinking water. By trying to save money by eating noodles, I got squeezed even more than I was already being squeezed. The reason I was trying to save money is because I already never have enough to eat food and drink water every day. I'm already being starved and thirsted, yet they want to starve and thirst me even more.

I think the people that were just in this room knew all this perfectly well.

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