Assault aftermath 3

2024-06-20 14:42:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

I wrote earlier about the assault that happened to me yesterday evening. This post describes an incident that happened earlier in a cafe / shop I was in over lunch.

Right after writting the previous 2 blog posts, while trying to commit the to the repo, there was a weird error in the text editor. I was blocked from commiting the files. Restarting the app didn't fix the issue, so I had to restart the device. During the reboot the screen went all strange, all black but with vertical lines of color, as if something was wrong with the power supply. The device was plugged into a battery at the time, and the cable had been giving me error messages the past few days. The only other times I have seen this behaviour on Apple devices it's ended up being something pretty bad so this has me very worried now. It's my only device. When all this happened I was listening to a somewhat obscure podcast.

The device is back on now and appears to be working ok, apart from the power cable which is intermittently causing errors still.

When it rains...

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