My main worry with an ultra strong labour government

2024-06-21 18:47:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

This recent poll in the Telegraph is even worse than the last one I read about which was predicting only 100 seats, the worst defeat in 100 years. Here the prediction is they'll only get 50 seats. If that happens the Lib Dems might even have a shot at becoming the opposition. The colored map is almost entirely red.

It occurs to me looking at this that my main worry with a Labour government that is so strong, with the economy so horrid, is we'll end up in another war. That's what happened last time. But the war this time might look very different, might be non-obvious, and especially with the exponential AI revolution happening, be much worse long term. Such a huge majority right now feels like it could be very dangerous. WW3 would be unimagineably bad, but what if it was an order of magnitude worse than even that?

What's more, although it might not look like it, I think this is likely a non-partisan issue. It feels like a dangerous time for extremes. Big majority, sure, might even be needed, we have a lot of things to change in the nation, but an ultra majority as predicted here, that worries me.

I think I'd maybe almost prefer it if the Lib Dems got 100 seats. How is Stalmer going to ensure we don't end up, in some way, at war again or worse?

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