The great british seaside holiday

2024-06-24 13:18:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

The trick to enjoying a british style beach holiday is first to realise they are an altogether different affair than such a thing in warmer climates. I really enjoyed that Guardian article, very readable and great photos. Definitely worth the time to read. I wonder if these places will start to get more popular in the future. There's something uniquely authentic about them.

The water is cold, many of the beaches are pebbles instead of sand and the weather has a mind of it’s own. But for every downside, there is an upside, evolved over hundreds of years, you just have to see it through a different mindset. For instance, the unpredictability of said weather creates a sort of unspoken comeraderie between people, and there's often a special coziness to many of the places you'll find to eat hearty food as the winds and rain swirl outside.

There's a sort of minimun bravery that you have to have to start enjoying it, a sense of humour about when things go wrong. But once you do, you might just realise why some of these places are the best kept secret of many poets and writers from around the world. And when it's finally sunny and warm, the tougher parts of the holiday cause it to truely feel that much more glorious.

Oh to be beside the great british seaside, you feel connected to the land, the history and the people in a way you never could have imagined before. And the moderarely good fish and chips you eat while sitting on the peer looking out to sea, will be the best you've ever tasted.

Update: When I re-read the first draft of this post, it had this poorly written travel brochure sort of vibe, and that wasn't at all my intention, so I re-wrote it twice, but each time it ended up being even more travel brochurey. It's very odd, there’s something in the universe that’s causing this to happen, like some sort of giant magnet, I don't appear to have any control over it. Rather than fight it, I'm just adding this note. Somehow it feels like the british seaside thing to do.

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