France turn your dysfunction into the central powerhouse of Europe

2024-06-30 14:07:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

It occurred to me that Macron's Renaissance party in politically much troubled France is perhaps aiming for a second renaissance? It would make sense given the party's name. But they never mention that. I find that a bit strange, I mean why on earth do they call themselves that in the first place?

It would also makes sense given that, reading the tea leaves of history, just like the printing press gave rise to a renaissance, we are likely due an even bigger renaissance because of the internet. We think the internet revolution already happened, but what if that was just the very beginning? It's an order of magnitude bigger than the printing press renaissance. That's going to be a really crazy ride when it takes off.

The 10X renaissance is happening whether we like it or not. The printing press added millions of new minds to the social discourse. The internet has added billions of new minds. It's already happened. Now we need to get ready for the aftermath. But it doesn't have to be painful. Remember we have done this before. It could actually be pretty cool this time, maybe even fun, but we have to let it be fun. It could also be painful if we resist and restrict ourselves. Do we want it to be painful or do we want it to be fun?

I think that if you convince the nation you can lead that transition, they will stand with you. And then Europe will stand with you too, they want a strong France. But you have to think big. Like Elon Musk level big. In a 10X renaissance, the immigrants AND the people are all part of the solution. They just all want something great to do together. In a 10X renaissance all the things you are arguing about now are tiny details. The party that can get France on this marvelous voyage should be the ones in charge. Anything else is just shooting yourselves in the foot.

I think it’s possible.

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