Cobbling together companies is trending

2024-07-10 06:05:00 +07:00 by Mark Smith

The Vergecast Podcast did an episode all about cobbling together companies from the existing parts of existing companies, literally 2 days after I wrote about cobbling together a company from existing parts. My spelling mistakes and terrible wording hadn't even dried yet. Another candidate for what-are-the-chances-world news, but I digress.

It’s actually quite a good episode, and I think probably a sign that in the future, actual real companies that do complicated and important shit are going to have to create ridiculously elaborate fake products and companies just to distract the children of the mega rich, to avoid being highjacked by morons, and to ensure we don’t inadvertently flush the entire human race down the toilet. And that will eventually backfire as we’ll need to create a deep state just to break back out into base reality, and then we’ll need to somehow destroy the deep state, and to do that we put comedians in charge.

Eventually the Labour and Conservative political parties are replaced by Comedians vs Actors, which will probably be called the More Ha Ha party and the Sshh They Don't Know party. Which one created which will be hotly debated inside the Communist party which will likely take over as it makes the Sshh They Don't Know party pretend they don't exist, while literally murdering the More Ha Ha party by convincing them that the self-disapeared Sshh They Don't Know party, is the funniest joke in the entire universe.

The Howard - Weinstein appearance on Joe Rogan is likely a sign this has already happened and we are living in a fractal of nested simulations. And that your mommy and daddy likely [aren’t / weren’t] who they [say / said] they [are / were]. Sorry.

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