17:51:00 +07:00 Some notes on Local-First Development - Interesting article discussing the local first movement where web applications are designed to run locally. They tend to use technologies like CRDT-based sync engines, to replicate data structures or database tables between client abd server, but could also use replication protocols. The focus is on realtime, multiplayer and offline. The movement aims to have a positive impact on privacy, decentralization, data control. I like the general idea though I can't help but think we are trying to run before we can walk. These fancy technologies are great, but what I want, what I think we need first, are regular content based websites that by default can be viewed offline. I want to be able to browse the web, find a bunch of sites to read, then be able to seemlessly read them later offline, including all the links in the content. It needs to work with images, and code snippets. Currently even that experience is very poor, forget about complicated javascript apps. #

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