Typescript makes community programming mire difficult - Rich Harris makes an interesting point about how Typescript has changed how we interact with the libraries we use in our code. Since there's a compilation step required, people are much less likely to explore the libraries they use, adding console.log statements and such. That's a big net loss to the ecosystem when it comes to community open source programing. He makes the case for why it would be better for library authors to use Typescript via JSDOC comments. Great point.

One aspect that I think Typescript devs are very hypocritical about is the extra cognitive load and tooling complexity Typescript adds. It's like now that they have mastered JS and Typescript, they are pulling up the ladders so to speak, making it significantly harder to learn the language. I'm not saying Typescript is bad, but you should not require people building sheds to have to use skyscraper building tools. There's clearly a huge conflict of interest that they fail to disclose. Typescript is really an elitist extension that is only for people with space and time to learn, who are not immersed in chaos. By imposing Typescript early you are effectively shutting out a huge swoth of humans who's lives are not as afluent.

Keep javascript something anyone can learn. Then if you want to go on to build sky scrappers with it, have the tooling available to make that possible. Just my two cents. #

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