How to become a sponsor

It’s now possible to become a sponsor!

It's your chance to get featured on the blog, the daily linkblog and the weekly newsletter.

I’ve spent time working for feature film visual effects companies and an enterprise software startup, and I’ve been running the linkblog for close to 10 years. It's one of the longest running personal linkblogs on the internet.

The readership is very tech and developer focussed, lots of smart people working for big tech related companies.

What do you get as a sponsor?

The logo is right under all the links for the day, grouped with the patreon button.

It will appear on the main linkblog page which displays the most recent 50 days. It will also live on in the day and month archive pages.

Here’s an example of what it would look like for the month and day archive pages. It will look very similar on the main linkblog page

If you’d like to become a sponsor then get in touch with me via email.

This page is based on the original blog post that covered the subject.

For enquiries about my consulting, development, training and writing services, aswell as sponsorship opportunities contact me directly via email. More details about me here.